How to Find a Fantastic Packaging Designer

How to Find a Fantastic Packaging Designer blog post screenshot

Client: Packlane

This post details how the right packaging designer can bring your creative concept to life and encourages entrepreneurs to view packaging design as a cathartic and exciting step in sharing their products.

The extensive guide provides valuable content such as:

  • Practical tips to hire a packaging designer
  • A framework for writing briefs that get great creative results
  • Where to find designers online
  • Strategic advice on choosing designers for branding goals
  • Advice from Packlane customers who can showcase the business impact of using custom packaging

I wrote this post for Packlane as an educational piece of content for our core audience of business owners looking to design beautiful custom packaging.

“What does all great packaging have in common? It starts with great graphic design. Finding the right packaging designer can mean the difference between your product gathering dust or flying off the shelf.