How to Ship Liquids in Your Subscription Box

Client: Cratejoy

Shipping poses inherent challenges, and the complexity intensifies when dealing with liquid products. This blog post provides valuable insights on shipping liquids in subscription boxes.

From a marketing standpoint, this content provides:

  • Actionable advice to help subscription box businesses overcome logistical hurdles
  •  Information on packaging regulations and carrier requirements
  •  Common FAQs to answer customer pain points
  •  Structured content that simplifies complex topics
  •  Visual formatting with headers, images, and callouts to improve scannability

This post positions Packlane as the authority in the custom packaging space to provide a product that meets the challenges of shipping specialized products like liquids. By delivering informative and actionable advice focused squarely on audience pain points, this content will help build and foster strong brand loyalty.

I wrote this guest post for Cratejoy, a subscription-based online marketplace that offers subscription boxes of curated items.

“Getting your products to customers can be complicated enough, but when you throw liquids into the mix, it gets even trickier. So how can you ensure that any liquids you ship – whether you run a beauty box or cocktail kit – arrive safely?