The Beginner’s Guide to Product Packaging Design

The Beginner's Guide to Product Packaging Design blog cover screenshot

Client: Creative Market

“The Beginner’s Guide to Product Packaging Design” underscores the critical role of packaging in customer conversion and brand loyalty and serves as a comprehensive resource for beginners, offering practical tips and essential insights into the world of product packaging design.

It goes beyond aesthetics, emphasizing the need for functional design. The guide introduces key terms, from dielines to printing methods, and addresses FAQs about the role of professional designers and the required software to create custom product packaging.

It also covers:

  • Packaging layers
  • User-friendly design
  • Product protection
  • Color psychology
  • Typography
  • Material choices

This post emphasizes the dual role of packaging – to create a wow factor through visual appeal and functional product protection.

I wrote this guest post for Creative Market, the world’s marketplace for design.

“Packaging is more than just a pretty box. The perfect product packaging can turn ordinary customers into raving fans. It’s the difference between being added to the cart or being left stranded on the shelf. And believe it or not, product packaging design is easier than you think.