How a Custom Welcome Box Increased Enrollment

How a Custom Welcome Box Increased Enrollment At the University of the Ozarks Blog Post screenshot

Client: The Dieline

This post details the innovative approach the University of the Ozarks took to boost enrollment through a custom welcome box. The university collaborated with CNP, a Florida-based marketing agency, to create a distinctive welcome experience for prospective students.

Led by Martin Corbin from CNP, the team designed a custom box with an outdoor-themed concept, aligning with the university’s “Explorers Welcome” theme. The aim was to resonate with incoming students and convey the unique experiences offered by the university.

This guest post was ghostwritten for The Dieline, the world’s most visited packaging design website, on behalf of Packlane.

“By focusing on informative content,’ Corbin said, “an outdoor-themed design and the idea of a student starter kit we were able to appeal to the experience they would have at the university. The results so far have shown a 29 percent year-over-year increase in student yield which shows that this appeal truly did resonate with the students.