4 Tips to Plan and Execute a Successful Fall Burndown Program

Client: Farmers Business Network

This post offers actionable insights for farmers looking to optimize their fall burndown applications. It emphasizes the importance of quick action post-harvest to maximize weed control. Tips include selecting suitable herbicides based on weed identification, crop rotation, soil type, and plantback restrictions.

The post also guides readers on choosing the appropriate adjuvant for their tank mix, considering factors like adjuvant purpose, herbicide compatibility, environmental conditions, and weed species.

This post was ghostwritten for an FBN employee specializing in agronomy and crop protection.

“Starting clean is critical to maximizing production. A successful fall burndown application sets the stage for spring planting by eliminating existing weeds and reducing competition for emerging crops. As you think ahead, you’ll want to consider the pre-emergence herbicides you’ll need for spring planting.