4 Tips To Design Awesome Custom Packaging for the Holidays

Client: Easyship

This post emphasizes designing custom packaging around relevant holidays, drawing inspiration from trends, optimizing for shareability on social media, and finding the right graphic designer.

It also encourages businesses to think beyond Christmas, offering examples of unique packaging for Halloween and Thanksgiving. The importance of visually engaging packaging for social media shares and practical tips like incorporating social handles and hashtags are highlighted.

It underscores the significance of early preparation to meet holiday order deadlines. It suggests Packlane as a resource for easy and affordable custom packaging.

I wrote this guest post for EasyShip, a cloud-based shipping platform that helps businesses manage domestic and international shipping.

“As the holidays quickly approach, it’s the perfect time of year to get creative with your custom packaging. Fall can be a deeply nostalgic season. As leaves fall and preparations for the holiday season begin, how can your brand’s packaging take advantage of this special time of year?