How to Design Custom Packaging: A Technical Guide

How to Design Amazing Custom Packaging: A Technical Guide

Client: Creative Market

“How to Design Custom Packaging: A Technical Guide” is a comprehensive overview of custom packaging design.

This post provides extensive details on:

  • Types of boxes, materials, and insert options
  • The standard production process from artwork to printing methods
  • Best practices for print-ready design: file setup, typography, color modes
  • Visual examples of packaging styles, concepts, and techniques
  • How choices in materials and finishing distinguish premium packages

As a content marketing asset, it provides a structured outline that simplifies a complex process into clear stages and educates audiences on the key aspects of packaging design. This guide builds trust and authority with detailed, actionable advice for small business owners.

I wrote this guest post for Creative Market, the world’s marketplace for design.

“Creating packaging doesn’t have to be scary. It’s a lot easier than ever to design custom packaging that looks amazing and won’t break the bank. But as a designer, you know that there’s still a lot of work that goes into the process. The best packaging doesn’t just incorporate a logo or brand colors. It tells a story and creates the overall aesthetic for a brand.