Welcome Series Email Flow

Chemicloud Email Welcome Flow screenshot

Client: Chemicloud

Wrote a series of five welcome emails for ChemiCloud, a web hosting company, to onboard new customers and introduce them to ChemiCloud’s products and features.

This first email in the welcome flow positions ChemiCloud as the expert web hosting company to help users create their website, drive traffic, and monetize their site. It offers continued value with upcoming emails on domains and 24/7 expert support.

With actionable headings and a scannable layout, readers can easily grasp key steps to take action and launch their website. This positions ChemiCloud as a trusted partner for enabling digital success and revenue through intuitive WordPress leveraging.

The key value of this email for ChemiCloud includes the following points:

  • Positions ChemiCloud as WordPress experts guiding full website creation journey
  • Highlights the ease of use and power of WordPress
  • Covers critical optimizations for security, speed, monetization, and SEO
  • Utilizes statistics and social proof for credibility

ChemiCloud is framed as far more than just a hosting provider – but rather a knowledgeable advisor committed to each client’s web success and revenue growth through WordPress best practices.

Welcome email flow for Chemicloud