eBook • Reward Their Curiosity: How to Create A Scratch Off Campaign

How to Create A Scratch Off Campaign ebook

Client: Mr. Scratch Off

Wrote, edited, and helped lead the creative direction of Mr. Scratch Off’s first eBook to be distributed by their sales team to convert prospects.

This detailed guide demonstrates strong organizational skills in structuring complex information into clear sections and actionable steps. Throughout, the underlying theme is thoughtful strategic planning focused on customer journeys.

Even when dealing with fun, creative projects like custom playing cards, I kept the big picture in mind by structuring each section around tangible business goals—proving business savvy can shine through in any content.

For Mr. Scratch Off, this ebook was a versatile, reusable sales tool that educated diverse audiences on the value of custom playing cards anchored around data and measurable ROI. Its long-shelf life provides lasting content marketing.

“It’s what’s on the inside that counts. At least that’s what your Mom told you, right?

But what goes under a scratch off is where the party really is. Everyone gets a little curious from time to time and the reveal of what’s underneath a scratch layer is the sweet reward.